Why not create a brand that is more sociable

28 Jan

Here is what you should know about building an engaging brand in the social media space. Anecdotal evidence seems to suggest that a crucial element to the success of any business or institution, is the building of a solid brand, as it is widely recognised as the single element that will create an enduring business.  But whereas traditionally brands where, huge corporate billboards and large steel gates with bold Trespassers will be prosecuted signage.

Brands have come to have, a human face to them of late, which creates a human experience if you will and it this human veneer which brands have capitalised on to get the emotional leverage, which has allowed them to effectively appeal to their clients in a manner that has proved to be engrossing and lucrative. Apple, is a prime example. Besides just brandishing its nibbled corporate identity and having all its shiny gadgets on display. Apple has been creating a brand with depth and character, which has come to define a generation and has distinguished its self and those who use it, in this cultural cacophony.

Learn to study, great brands Find their formula  Eg. Apple + story /journey + jobs = large support  Looking at Apple as an example of a great brand and what makes it so great, is the story it tells and the pedigree of Steve Jobs as the CEO. This and the innovation stream that comes out of the Apple brand, makes it a great brand with a legion of fans

Formula to brand success

So how the one-man-marketing-machine, in a home office emulate, the elegance and allure of the apple brand without the budget of Apple?  The truth of it is that you don’t, because you do not have the money and importantly, you do not have the pedigree of a Steve Jobs nor the story that the Apple brand has been innovating since its inception, from the wacky rainbow inspired Apple to the sleek, distinguished maverick of today. With that being the subtext to the Apple story, it’s difficult for you to compete. With that being said, it is here that you can learn. Learn to tell the story of your brand. Social networking has compelled brands to emphasise connection and at the core of creating human connections is authenticity.

Apply the lesson to your brand, on a smaller scale.   U+ Facebook/ twitter =  Marketing department of one  Is one of the best hip hop albums of 2010   You can emulate the success of a brand like Apple on a smaller scale, by using social media tools like twitter and facebook , to connect with people, in order  to build a relationship with your potential clients and it is this which will enable you to build a great brand of your own which connects and engages with the world and has a human and dynamic character to it, which will allow your brand to connect and gain the loyalty of your customers.

Applying Apples brand success to your own brand on a smaller scale.

As an entrepreneur who has a vision and is driven, you have the potential to tell a really compelling and original story about your brand. Become the brand ambassador of your business, whether it is on your blog, facebook, twitter account, introduce yourself and explain what you and your brand are about. Why you have chosen to get into the business, is it because you had some vision for a better way of doing business, what makes you so special. Remember here your goal is keep it simple and create a authentic brand experience. Then actually engage in the platforms that you have chosen. Create a dynamic brand with a real personality, looking at what people are saying about your product category, give out information that not only related to your products/service, be an active member of the community, avoid falling into the many corporate pages on social networks which lye forgotten , having never been updated  since they were created. This active participation in an ever evolving debate;  whatever it may be, will be fertile ground to grow to your brand, which is responsive, dynamic and relevant and all importantly authentic with character which will infuse personality to your brand.


Simple, teach your brand how to connect with your customers

18 Jan

Simplicity in your marketing strategy can help you build better relationship with your target audiences, as it allows you to get back to the basics of just listening to your audience than responding appropriately. The golden rules of getting brand loyalty need to be recapped, because as branding and design agency’s have lost the plot when it comes to communication.

The branding and design agency’s have made the act of communication so damn convoluted and complex. With: new media, guerrilla marketing, viral marketing , above and below the line, pew! ….through the line, ambient media and direct marketing, brand activation, just to name a few. Ok I know I mixed some categories of marketing and some faculties of the categories of marketing see now the convoluted branding marketing jargon just oozes.


Branding design lesson 1
The simplicity in making successful brands and businesses


Branding and design are supposed to be about in essence a collection of people, who are involved in communication as a profession , we should get back to being people talking to other people. Look the only reason, that branding, marketing and design agencies exist is to deliver value, in the form of building a relationship between our clients and the consumer, whether it is old or new media it’s imperative to have a clear value proposition that highlights the brand position of the client and deliver that message to the appropriate audience.

Have a level of depth and authenticity, why should i listen to my customers you show then that courtesy and listen to them, then respond when they have spoken, it’s like any other relationship, their needs to be respect, empathy it’s actually quite simple, you have been doing it your whole life in every other relationship you have developed.

I know it could be hectic maintaining a relationship with so many people but look at the cost for starters; not really sending emails is free and bulk sms’s are a fraction of the cost of one radio spot or there are the equivalent of one banner ad.


Branding design lesson 2
Having a sustained and authentic relationship with your clients, will ensure you brand loyalty, trust and credibility.


The question of who is going to respond to such a volume of communication? Become’s a mute issue when you consider that corporations, like Tiger Brand hires hundreds in there workforce to count complaints about their products that are forwarded in via telephone every day, and honestly their does exist technology which scans keywords in emails and sms, to class them, so you could have all that work being automated, an example of such technology is Google Alerts and there are other companies that are building more sophisticated versions of this, that can do the job. Point being start building a real relationship with people and stop talking down to them and they will reward you with a lot of good will and money.

Keep it simple and build a relationship ,yes all that had seemed to be idealistic banter resigned to live in the pages of thick marketing text-book definitions , has come into its own with the proliferation of new  communication tools.

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