Bizlab –Behind the brand, looks at discovering the core elements that build great brands. The idea is to learn how you can tailor those lessons to your brand, whether you are a one-wo/man-marketing-machine or new to marketing. We have a branding from the bottom approach, giving you the information and a means to implement it that is accessible. You will also gain a wealth of resources that will elaborate on the articles published on Bizlab.

I am Vincent Zwane, a brand strategy and copywriting  practitioner for both  blue chip and no chip clients,  you are bound to benefit from a wealth of experience, which would be only otherwise have been shared with other branding and business professionals. You can use the information as a jumping off point, to help your brand become better at cultivate throngs of loyal consumers who are willing to connect with you. This will be achieved through demystifying the latest marketing strategies which are designed to teach you how to create a brand which people can relate too.

I enjoy sociology, media and photography;  guess with that combination of my career and interests, watching people is my life. Hence my approach to the business of branding, always look at the interests and values of a brand in order to determine which step the brand needs to take next. As it is the values which come to inform the corporate culture and play themselves out in the way work is done and how value is delivered, ultimately the values create the brand experience.

At my brand communication management graduation

At my brand communication management graduation.


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